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Re: temporary files

James D. Parra wrote:

We have a cross platform java app' that creates print jobs. How and where do
I create an environment variable that sends all temporary files (short lived
files that will only be used for less than a minute) to the /tmp directory,
and automatically purged?

Thank you in advance.


Is it your application with the source? If not do you know how it figures out what it's temp directory is? If it doesn't have the concept of a temp directory does it have another way of knowing where it stores files? Is this a common application which others are users of? Is there a mailing list for that application?

If it uses the java.lang.System property java.io.tmpdir to figure out it's temp directory then you should be able to pass java.exe a parameter of -Djava.io.tmpdir=/tmp and that will do what you need to do. If not then I don't know. You'd have to ask the people that wrote it that question if you don't know how it figures out where to store it's files. Just like any other application. There is a million ways to do one thing.


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