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autofs fails to mount windows shares

I am using autofs to mount a share directory from a WinXP machine on my RHEL4 server. This worked fine under RH7.3 but not on RHEL4. I can use smb to mount a directory from a Mac on the RHEL4 machine but not from WinXP. My /etc/auto.master and /etc/auto.net are the same amd my syntax in the /etc/auto.net matches the current documentation so it doesn't seem that that has changed.

3T -fstype=smbfs,rw,credentials=/etc/3T/ clin,gid=10009,fmask=660,dmask=770 ://

When I try mount and list the contents of an automounted directory I get:

$ dir /net/3T
ls: /net/3T: Input/output error

$ dir /net/
total 8
drwxr-xr-x   4 root root    0 Apr 17 06:36 .
drwxr-xr-x  26 root root 4096 Apr 12 07:13 ..
?---------   ? ?    ?       ?            ? 3T

Apr 17 07:01:23 vuiis kernel: smb_add_request: request [cc2bbe80, mid=6893] timed out! Apr 17 07:01:53 vuiis kernel: smb_add_request: request [cc2bbe80, mid=6894] timed out! Apr 17 07:02:38 vuiis kernel: smb_add_request: request [e2082e80, mid=6895] timed out!

Yet from a WinXP machine the directory maps fine.

Any insight on what I am missing here?


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