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Re: Problem Booting redhat machine

How do you know your machines power, disk and network are fine? The lights in your computers lit up when you power-up the machine? How many 'machines' are you talking about and what are those 'machine(s)'?

Most if not all computers will give out beeps when something is not ok. I have one old CRT monitor which sometimes cannot display anything when I power-up my computer. However, when I change to other monitor, everything is ok.

Andrew Bridgeman corusgroup com wrote:

I am currently having a problem with 4 Hp proliant servers that since
Friday when they where powered off will not come back up. The machines
power, disk and network are all fine but when i power the machine up i do
not get anything appear on the screen at all , i have tried two different
monitors that i know work fine but i do not even get anything on the screen
not even the proliant screens on initial boot , let alone the linux boot

Has anybody seen this before, what else can i check for and what  can i do
get it back up and running?


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