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Re: dhclient.conf

try read this :

man dhclient.conf

try redhat-config-network command

On 9/16/06, Robert M. Albrecht <romal gmx de> wrote:


all our clients get their IPs from out DHCP-Server. The DHCP-Server then
registers their hostnames in our DNS-Server.

Our Windows-Client do this properly, but our Redhat-Boxes do not appear
in our DNS-Server.

The Windows-Boxes do send the computername along with the dhcp-request,
Linux does not.

There is a some documentation about the dhclient.conf.

If I manualy call

dhlcient -H foo -I foo

then linux-box does get registered.

I created a /etc/dhclient.conf

send host-name foo
send dhcp-client-identifier foo

But RHEL does not seem to use this file.

Any ideas ?

cu romal

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