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Re: RHCE and other certs?

On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 09:50:10AM -0400, Angie Moore wrote:
> WOW, that was the most negative and downright untrue assessment I have ever
> had the displeasure of reading. 
> 1.) GET CERTS. Yes, they pay off, handsomely. I ONLY hire people with
> certifications. Microsoft, Red Hat, Cisco, doesn't matter. They not only
> show you know the basics, but they show the ability to learn, the "book
> learning's" of a specific product and the tenacity to follow through.
> 2.) FORGET the CS bachelors degree, (unless you plan on working for the
> government). I have had to let go all of my engineers who came in with CS
> degrees. They did not have the knowledge in the area they applied for. The
> CS degree gives you an OVERVIEW of various skills, but nothing in-depth.
> It's sad really, but I've found it's true, (even though I have a CS degree
> from GW).
> 3.) Problem solving. That's the key. Having the mental ability to problem
> solve is the key to a successful tech career. ANYONE can setup an apache
> server connecting to a backend MySql database. My baby sister (16 years old)
> has not only done that, but she can do much, much more. Practice problem
> solving in your area of discipline and you will ultimately be rewarded.
> Angie Moore
> President
> Moore & Angle IT Consulting, Inc.
> Sterling, VA
> "We prepare you for the impossible"

Wow.... this absolutely doesn't match up with the experiences I had
coming out of college.  It very well may be the policy of Angie Moore,
but for most any other employer and interview I've done a CS degree is
a basic prerequisite and at the very least gives you a leg up.

Certs don't hurt, but in my experience I have to agree with Dave, they
have been the lowest on the priority scale.  A CS degree gets me in the
door for the interview (along with my resume) and from there the
Interview is nearly all about the experience and/or of a technical

Not trying to discredit Angie, I'm sure she's found great success with
her hiring philosophies, but in my experience it does not match up at
all with my interviewing experiences in the least bit.

That's not to say don't get certs at all... I happen to think RHCE is a
very good cert and the more tools you have the better off you are.

Just my $0.02.

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