query abt sendmail authentication

sylvan dacounha sylvan_2804 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 10:09:38 EST 2007

Dear All,
  im sorry about posting this mail as it more a sendmail problem rather then Redhat
  I have Redhat linux 9 server with sendmail 8.12.5 with pop3 n also imap servers and its workin fine but i hav noticed that when i send messages specially to hotmail or yahoo the mail gets deliverd to junk folder as its been treated as junk mail n not to inbox but mails send from anywhere r received correctly
  i feel that hotmail , yahoo need authenticaton .. that is popb4smtp
  appreciate if someone could tell me if authentication is the problem and how would i achieve this with sendmail ..  so the hotmail, yahoo n gmail treat mail as valid domain name n not as junk mail so mail goes to inbox n not to junk mail
  thnks and really appreciate

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