Apache & php5, RHEL 4

Gaddis, Jeremy L. jeremy at linuxwiz.net
Fri Feb 9 00:12:54 EST 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, mark wrote:
>>  So install your custom-built RPM on a test box first and see what happens?
> This is the test box for this. It's also a development box, and I can't 
> change out apache. Guys, this is a project at work, not a home system, and I 
> have real, hard limits as to what I can change.

I understand.  I work at a rather large .edu and can't just go around 
changing random settings in an attempt to get shit to work either.  That's 
why I have my test environment that replicates my production environment, 
as should you.

[snip my rant]

If nothing else, go grab a 30-day evaluation of VMware and create the 
proper test environment there.

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