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Re: yahoo n hotmail not accepting mail from one domain

On Friday 01 June 2007 06:50 am, Nikkilä Tommi wrote:

> The Yahoo and Hotmail mail servers are so diffferent from the rest of
> the world's that one can but wonder where to search for the right
> answer. But, if you are convinced that your DNS records are as they
> should I would approach Yahoo and Hotmail about the issue. Maybe they
> are blocking (from whatever reason) emails from your domain..?

We get blocked from Yahoo from time to time, often because our clients 
(we're a hosting company) are accused of sending spam; generally it's 
an open form-to-email script.  We continuously educate our clients, and 
daily we look for scripts that weren't there yesterday so we can make 
sure our clients understand that they're responsible if their script is 
open to abuse by spammers.

And every time we notice we're blocked, we notify Yahoo and get it taken 
care of yet again.

A pain.

Jeff Lasman, Nobaloney Internet Services
P.O. Box 52200, Riverside, CA  92517
Our blists address used on lists is for list email only
voice:  +1 951 643-7540, or see: 

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