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Re: DST patch for RedHat Linux

zdump -v /etc/localtime | grep 2007
to see if you system is setup correctly.

Greg Wilson
Information Technology Specialist
Systems Deployment and Support Division

"Michael Weiner" <hunter userfriendly net> 
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03/06/2007 08:39 AM
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Re: DST patch for RedHat Linux

On 3/6/07, Dana Holland <dana holland navarrocollege edu> wrote:
> Has anyone seen any links to making the modifications to RedHat 8?  We
> aren't going to have time to upgrade the server before this weekend.

Dana -

This is really as simple as grabbing a tzdata source RPM, rebuilding it on
one of your RHL-8 boxes and installing the resultant binary RPM and best 
reboot to ensure all services are gracefully stopped/restarted to allow 
change to be effective. Then you can test with either zdump or rolling the
date forward/back.

I did a slew of our Psyche release boxes this past week and they seem to 
fine - without upgrading glibc which really needs to be done, but i will
wait to just upgrade the box or retire as time allows. If you really need, 
can supply a source or even a binary RPM you can use
for those rhl-8 systems.

Michael Weiner
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