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Fw: Memory issue

Hello All,

Top Output:
Mem: 16149860k av, 16070108k used, 79752k free, 0k shrd, 46032k buff

8202364k actv, 5599824k in_d, 298548k in_c

Swap: 2044072k av, 158168k used, 1885904k free

I did not understand what is going on " memory Leak "


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Subject: Re: Memory issue

On 07Mar2007 09:03, Redouane N. <redouane ccs com jo> wrote:
| I am using Red Hat AS version 3 update 4 to run oracle applications.
| We have 16GB RAM and 4 cpus with 2 GB of swap...
| But what is happening here is that the 16GB ram is always used by what??

The buffer cache will probabloy use as much RAM as you have available,
over time. This is fine, and desirable; it maximises the likelihood that
an attempt to read data will find it already in RAM. If RAM is needed
for something else, any RAM allocated to buffers that have not been
modified (i.e. data that's been read and just kept) can be release for
immediate use.

| i dunno! even the swap is getting full...

Really. That's unusual unless your apps are genuinely large. What does "top"
Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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