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dhcp and Dynamic DNS -- Multi-Boot OS clients

I have some machines that multi-boot between Windows and Linux. When these boxes only booted a single OS the DHCP/DNS servers on the Linux behaved as expected.

All the configurations and keys have been set up to allow only the DHCP server to send dynamic updates to the DNS server. This has worked fine for a long time when servers were only booting a single OS.

The problem now is when the server boots between the different Operating Systems, there are RR conflicts and the DNS records are not dynamically updated.

In the messages log is something similar to this:

Mar 5 22:34:21 dhcpserver dhcpd: if multibootclient.example.com. IN TXT "00cd2ae121c33f5e99032f48eefaefdc7e" rrset exists and multibootclient.example.com. IN A rrset exists delete multibootclient.example.com. IN A no such RRset.

I also have seen errors that state:  Can't update forward map.

I read somewhere that there exists a FAQ that addresses this issue, but I have yet to find the answer.

Can someone help.


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