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Re: RHEL4U5 and NIC flipping

clockwork sigsys org wrote:
I know at a minimum Dell, IBM and HP have the issue. I would expect its
actually a broadcom and/or intel nic (driver ?) issue. I have used ifrename
in the past to accomplish this, but it seems with rhel5 ifrename doesnt work
on boot. Is there a way to static-map a MAC to a particular interface in
rhel ?

I have a similar problem on the Dell 2950. I add the HWADDR and change the DEVICE in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0



On 5/3/07, McDougall, Marshall (FSH) <Marshall McDougall gov mb ca> wrote:

I am in the midst of building several new servers using RHEL4U4.  I had
not yet released them to production use and saw that U5 was available.
I thought what better time to do it than right now when I have the
ability to deal with anything untoward.

Well, the untoward comes in the form of the nics getting flipped.  After
the update, I rebooted the machines and none of them came back online.
I had to make all of the eth0's eth1's and vice versa.  This has
occurred on HP and Dell servers.  Has anyone else seen this?  Just

Regards, Marshall

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