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Re: replacement for rm?

You can either

a) Alias rm to rm -i, which is default for the root user

b) rename rm (to rm.cmd for example) and then create a wrapper script
called rm that does whatever logic you want then calls rm (however, in
your case it would be calling mv if you wanted to move something to a
.Trash folder)

c) Don't let users on your systems that can't be trusted with basic commands.

Just a couple options.

On Nov 15, 2007 2:34 PM, Ryan Golhar <golharam umdnj edu> wrote:
> Here is a general question...
> Occasionally I've accidentally deleted files using rm and sometimes rm
> -rf in my home directory.
> Has anyone ever thought of a "safe" rm that moves files into the users
> .Trash directory instead of actually deleting the file?
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