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Re: LAMP install?

David Richards wrote:
> mark wrote:
>> Norman Coder wrote:
>>> yum install php
>>> yum install mysql
>>> yum search phpmyadmin
>>> yum install phpMyAdmin
>>> yum install mysql-server
>> Let's try this again: DVD into drive on new system. "Install Linux",
>> language,
>> install options....
> lamp = linux apache mysql php
> I believe that you need to install Linux first, then during the
> installation. Apache will be install along with mysql and php
> Its not really that hard to make a LAMP setup if you know what you need.

Let's go back to what I originally wrote: a guy at work, who's working heavily
with Linux for the first time, was installing, and wanted a bare-bones minimal
install that included all what was necessary for a LAMP server, and wondered
why that was not an option, along with workstation and server (which includes
the kitchen sink).

Yes, I do know what I'm doing, but I thought that seemed like a reasonable
enough question...

Never mind.


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