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Re: wrong command

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At my University, a person who was getting to know Linux did this
accidentally.  In trying to rectify the situation, he was still having
issues accessing certain devices.  Unless you have done some script that
parsed your permissions on a fresh install and subsequent updates or you
run a corporate *nix (Apple), you are going to have some strange issues
for quite awhile.  Production machines should not have to be in that
situation, so re-installation is the best solution...nuking from orbit
is the only way to be sure!

Good luck!


bruce wrote:
> david...
> why did he need to reinstall the entire system again?????
> he changed the owner of everything to some "user". yep, this will be an
> issue to some/alot of things... but depending on the circumstances, he could
> over time figure out which apps/files should be "root" and then figure out
> the rest later on!!
> on the other hand, reinstalling might be easier, if he left the
> drive/format/partitions the same.. but it still wouldn't do anything for his
> own apps/files that aren't system provided.. this definitely points to a
> good backup/restore process though...
> god knows i walkt the tightrope line enough, with no backup/restore!!
> peace
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> As you RHCE'D and you did that! I suggest you reinstall the whole system
> again. I personally don't think many people will reply because that is a
> really stupid thing to do. Any good sys admin knows never to use root
> and this is a good example why. I hope you will learn from your
> mistakes!
> --
> David Richards
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> Subject: wrong command
> Hello all,
> By mistake i run below command on root.
> # chown <user> -R /
> It changed the ownership of all directories with their respective files
> then how i can recover my system from this problem ?
> i think i have to change back ownership of all directories manually ?
> or their is other way to do this.... ?
> please tell me
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