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RE: Cron - Any advanced options?

I use a lock file for this purpose...something like this


#Check if the file exits at the start


if [ -e $FILE1 ]
        echo 'Already running -This one aborted!'
touch $FILE1
chmod 666 $FILE1


do the do here with appropriate waits


sleep 1
rm $FILE1
exit code stuff here

Your mileage may vary,  etc..... 

> Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 13:45:57 +0530
> From: kurianmthayil gmail com
> To: redhat-list redhat com
> Subject: Cron - Any advanced options?
> Hi All,
> I am using RHEL 5.2 Server and I have 3 cron jobs enabled and all are
> relating to RSYNC. Now, all of these scripts are run once in every 7 minutes
> all day. The problem occurs when the scripts doesn't finish to execute in 7
> minutes. This will result in starting execution of the same script again and
> this will malfunction the setup.
> Is there an option in CRON, which always check if CRON has started the
> process and is already running? Cron should execute the script only if the
> the process isn't running already. Any hints on this?
> Regards,
> Kurian Thayil.
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