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It is possible, but dangerous!!

Have fun!

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> It might be possible with software raid. I don't think it would be with
> hardware raid because you'd have to delete partitions etc.
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> Hi,
> I have 2 identical disks but I had installed RHEL 4 on first disk only,
> i have /boot and / partitions only.  Now, i want to have mirror (raid1)
> with the 2nd disk. Can i do this without destroying data on the 1st
> disk?   Is there a good howto out there ?

I don't think he can with software raid, either...not with a disk already
configured.  If I recall correctly, he would have had to create the
software raid at install time, and then partition the resulting soft-raid
array with /boot and / in order to make this scheme work.

Mike Burger

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