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Also, if you're able to VNC to the box, you'll probably be presented with an xterm and not the GUI login as you'd expect. I can't quite remember why this
Is, it's something to do with a file starting "twm" window manager and this needs to be changed to another window manager like gnome. If you need to know I could look a little deeper into it.

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> > Hi,
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> > aside from the mirroring issue i had with this server, it's also a headless
> > one.  So i was able to install RHEL5 into runlevel 3 via serial. But how do
> > i configure it such that i can VNC to it and use gui/gnome/kde, etc.

Do an "rpm -qa | grep vnc" to check whether the vnc server package is installed.

if installed, execute "vncserver" from the shell to create a running
vnc session.

first line of the output will look similar to this

"New 'hostname:display (user)' desktop is hostname:display "

put this hostname:display in your vncviewer to get the access..

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