Xen command "xm save" does not finish

frank frank at si.ct.upc.edu
Fri Oct 23 06:57:38 EDT 2009

we are running a Red Hat 5.4 Xen cluster and want to try live migration. 
Our first step has been to try "xm save" on a running domain. But "xm 
save" does not finish (we don't get the prompt again ). The domain is 
called xp1 and if we run a "xm list" in another windows, domain name has 
changed to "migrating-xp1" (?) The only solution of recover it again is 
to stop "xm save" command with a "control-c" and destroy the 
"migrating-xp1" domain.

In xend.log this messages appear:

[2009-10-23 12:50:11 xend 27918] DEBUG (XendCheckpoint:89) [xc_save]: 
/usr/lib/xen/bin/xc_save 23 15 0 0 4
[2009-10-23 12:50:11 xend 27918] DEBUG (XendCheckpoint:324) suspend
[2009-10-23 12:50:11 xend 27918] DEBUG (XendCheckpoint:92) In 
saveInputHandler suspend
[2009-10-23 12:50:11 xend 27918] DEBUG (XendCheckpoint:94) Suspending 15 ...
[2009-10-23 12:50:11 xend.XendDomainInfo 27918] DEBUG 
(XendDomainInfo:1249) XendDomainInfo.handleShutdownWatch

Which can be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

UPC - Barcelona

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