simple samba sharing

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I've had a similar problem. Try different configurations first;

Ie, create a different username, say test, and set this as the guest
account. Also, my configuration has "guest only = yes" - there's some
Significance with all these parameters and the guest user and it took me
A while to get it right. Perhaps try it with different permissions on
Directory too.

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I can't make this simple samba sharing to work. I have system auth via
ldap. but i want to have a share a folder to everyone. so i have this

workgroup = myworkgroup
security = share
guest account = nobody
netbios name = fileshare

comment = fileshare
path = /share
browseable = yes
writeable = yes
guest ok = yes

when i connect from a windows XP, using start->run-> \\\data
,  i get  " \\\share  is not accessible you may not have
permission.. the network path was not found "

am i missing something?  

thanks in advance.

Sir June


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