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Re: Building RPM in RHEL 5

Google: guru labs rpm

First link is a pdf and a decent starting point.


On Sep 3, 2009 8:55 PM, "Devarishi Kumar Mahadeva" <dk_mahadeva yahoo com>

Hi All,

How do we build a .rpm package in RHEL 5? How can I convert my C/C++,
Java, and Bash Shell Script programs into an RPM so that they can be
directly installed on a Red Hat machine? What packages or tools do we need
to have already installd on our system for that matter? Can we do it in
command mode and GUI as well?

Kindly provide links to helpful resources for the above mentioned problem. I
tried on www.redhat.com but could not find any documentation on it.

With regards,

Devarishi Kumar Mahadeva
System Analyst (Data Center Operations)
HCL Comnet, Noida (India).
Mobile No.: +91 - 9999355295

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