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OT: Memory health guidelines : Page Out , Page In , Scan rate values


This may be offtopic.

Our BMC Patrol & CA Unicentre have been collecting memory statistics
( Page In / Page Out)  all these years for Windows 2003 & Unix (Solaris,
Redhat Linux & HP-UX) and senior management asked what's the industry
guideline of healthy or unhealthy values for these memory readings.

All our Unix servers (Solaris 8/9/10, HP-UX and Redhat Linux) practically
host Oracle databases & in some cases run Filenet application.

Our Windows servers are running mostly web server (IIS), act as licence
managers, filenet application, central backup servers, middleware (eg: as
Entirenet to connect users to Adabas  or  sqlnet ), file & print servers.

So based on what's hosted on the Unix (mainly Oracle db) & Win 2003
servers, would some inputs.

Any website / inputs  will be appreciated.  I've read somewhere that average
scan rate for Unix of above 5 over 1 minute is unhealthy but there's also
remarks suggesting above 200 for scan rate to be unhealthy.  So for Oracle
database servers, what's the threshold value for "Page Out", "Page In",
rate" & for the Win 2003 servers, what's the threshold value?

For Unix memory, does "Scan rate" matters more than "Pg Out / In"?  I saw
one thread in a forum that suggested that "Scan rate" above 5 is unhealthy.
That thread also mentioned that for Unix,  "Page Out" value above 5 is
unhealthy while "Page In" value is immaterial.  Are these suggestions

Anyone knows which command or how BMC Patrol & CA Unicentre obtains
the "Page Out" & "Page In" values?   po & pi (page out / page in)
from "vmstat"
do not show values that are close to what Patrol / CA Unicentre gave


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