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Re: Run heavy loaded web farm using NFS storage

A few years back while migrating our web enviroment to RedHat 5, we attempted a simular setup, to store web content on nfs mount points. Very soon into testing we found that the performance was not nearly good enough for us. Bottle neck was quickly found to be the nfs mounted data. Much of our content is static, some is dynamic.


On 12/9/2010 7:49 AM, Dusan Djordjevic wrote:
Hi all,

Since we would need to change some config on web farm layer, I
consider moving it to Red Hat 6. Architecture that I do have in mind

Load Balancer
4 x web server (Red Hat 6, Apache out of box)
NetApp storage mounted via NFS

Site serves mainly static content and connects to Tomcat app servers.
Sometimes it can have thousands of simultaneous connections.

I do not have any recent experience with NFS storage, especially with
Red Hat 6.

Any advices for or against this solution ?
Performance wise, is it going to work properly ?
Any other things I should think about before I do this ?

Thanks in advance.


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