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/tmp perms and crontab -e as a user on Santiago

Hi ,

I am having a strange issue here on RHEL 6. I see there is
/etc/cron.deny which is empty. There is no /etc/cron.allow. So far so
good. This generally means that normal user should be able to do cron
jobs scheduling. So I try with a normal user then system send below

crontab -e
no crontab for tomato - using an empty one
/tmp/crontab.XXXX9j9k6I: Permission denied

I tried creating /etc/cron.allow with root and tomato on each line.
That did not help. Removing /etc/cron.deny in this case also did not
help. It looked like permission issue on /tmp

I am wondering why /tmp perms got setup like this, See below,

ls -ald /tmp
drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 4096 Dec 21 11:03 /tmp

FSTAB entry for /tmp is as below,

cat /etc/fstab  | grep /tmp
/dev/mapper/VolGroup_ID_22337-LogVol2 /tmp                    ext3
defaults        1 2

Is this some security feature or it is the RHEL 6 way of doing
security or is it because /tmp is a logical volume? What is the best
way to resolve this?

PS : If anyone has a link for RHEL 6 documentation please email me that.

Appreciate your help! Thanks.


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