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problem converting a vmware image to kvm using virt-v2v

Hi all,

I´m migrating all of my virtual machines to the KVM format using the
virt-v2v tool,

With the xen images I have not problems but when I try to convert the vmware
images I get this error:

virt-v2v  -f /etc/virt-v2v.conf -ic esx:// -o rhev
virt-v2v: Fail to connect to esx:// libvirt error
code: 1, message: error interno curl_easy_perform() returned an error:
couldn't connect to server (7) : couldn't connect to host

I have configured .netrc as the documentation tells:

machine esx.example.com login root password s3cr3t

(of course with my own data)

If I change the configuration on the .netrc file I get oher errors:
Username request failed
Password request failed

so I suposse the authentication is not the  problem,

I have not idea about what is wrong because virt-v2v does not give extra
information and the server doesn´l log anything (or I don´t find it)

Any help?

Thanks in advance


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