WINE crossover to run winscp for ASCII mode files transfer

Ben bda20 at
Sat Aug 27 02:34:21 EDT 2011

On Sat, 27 Aug 2011, sunhux G wrote:

> I heard we can run Windows tools / binaries in RHES Linux :

Yes.  But in many cases you don't need to.

> Q1:
> Can someone give me all the links (&  its dependent rpm packages )
> to download WINE / crossover for RHES 4.x / 5.x.  I have a Redhat
> account

It's probably simpler to just go to RPMForge, install their rpmforge-release 
RPM and then do "yum install wine".  But again, for this purpose I don't 
think you need to.

> Q2:
> How to go about setting up winscp to run on my RHES 4.x / 5.x Linux
> box

As far as I'm aware you'd download the WinSCP .exe (not the installer, no 
need for that) and double-click it.  If you'd installed Wine via RPM above 
you'd be prompted to use Wine to open/run it.

> Q3:
> A sample Shell script to run winscp to copy over a text file in ASCII
> mode (yes, this is the ASCII mode equivalent in ftp) via sftp / scp
> protocol.  Yes, I could have used unix2dos or Perl to convert a file
> first before copying it using sftp/scp but due to policy in place, I was
> told not to do conversion (which I can't understand why)

This is what I don't understand.  Why not just use the OpenSSH SCP/SFTP 
stuff which is almost certainly already installed to copy this file over 
from wherever?  Then all you need is to set up SSH keys and have a script 
similar to:


# Optionally convert the file (uncomment the correct direction below to 
# activate)

So long as the user you run that as has its public SSH key in 
"authorized_keys" on $REMOTE_HOST it should do everything you need.

Can you explain why you have to use WinSCP?

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