WINE crossover to run winscp for ASCII mode files transfer

sunhux G sunhux at
Sat Aug 27 10:09:52 EDT 2011

> It's probably simpler to just go to RPMForge, install their rpmforge-release
> RPM and then do "yum install wine".  But again, for this purpose I don't
> think you need to.
My Linux box doesn't have access to Internet, thus I can't do "yum".
So I'll still need the WINE rpm (with its dependent packages) &
use "rpm -i ..."  to install


> This is what I don't understand.  Why not just use the OpenSSH SCP/SFTP
> stuff which is almost certainly already installed to copy this file over
> from wherever?  Then all you need is to set up SSH keys and have a script
> similar to:
I have an RHES 4.x box with ssh/sftp/scp client & I need to do ASCII mode
files transfer to/from a remote Windows Openssh server (customer-owned)..
Honestly I don't understand why management doesn't allow me to touch
the original datafile; not even make a copy of the datafile, convert & then
send it over to the remote Windows server;  & on the remote Windows server,
there's checksum files which I'll need to get over in ASCII but not allowed to
ssh into the server.

> Can you explain why you have to use WinSCP?
WinScp supports both binary & Ascii mode files transfer but I'm not
sure if it does this at command line prompt (ie  winscp /script=file ...)

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