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IPtables router / gateway

I am running some servers in a data center and I have now been informed that
since I have a Class C of IP's, that I have to be my own gateway as they are
making some changes because of a buyout.  I have an extra server with 2 nics
to do this with, but everything I can find on the internet for iptables is
for NATing public IP's on eth0 to local IP's through eth1.  I can do that as
I have for another company forwarding remote IP's to the LAN IP address of a
server.   I need this server to be setup with the IP as the
gateway and forward all other IP's in that netblock to the internal
interface and allow all of those machines total access to the internet
through this server as the gateway and don't want to use NAT as some of the
software I am running would have MAJOR problems with that.  Plus, I don't
want to have to change all of the IP's that are already on the other servers
using the provider as the gateway.


Any help would be appreciated.



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