Supported Video Cards?

Phil Savoie psavoie1783 at
Fri Feb 24 12:10:16 EST 2012

Hi All,

I have been to the RH site and looked at their pathetic list of
component for video cards and was severely disappointed.  Hence the
reason I am asking here.  Are there *any* supported, works out of the
box other than nvidia that can be gotten in Canada for a reasonable
price?  I have 2 ati vision onboard integrated video cards that give me
the black screen. I know I can get video by appending nomodeset on the
kernel line in grub on install but when IO do this it seriously affects
how my usb stick is detected such that it cannot find existing
directories and files which can be seen when I do not use this option.

I am really pulling my hair out on this one as it is driving me nuts.

Any help woud be great and I thank you in advance.


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