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Re: German DSL-Card


I did some research vefore posting here - sorry, I know I should have
mentioned this!
I found the page you sent, but I have to stop at the third point
("make") because it stops with an error and therefor, I think it's no
use to gon on.

Has someone else an idea about this?


Am Mit, 2003-02-05 um 04.50 schrieb Brian Ashe:
> Hello Michael,
> Monday, February 3, 2003, 3:58:20 AM, you wrote:
> MH> I was using SuSE 8.1 up to now, but I am thinking about a change to RH8
> MH> because of several thing I dislike at SuSE's Linux. Now, I own a card
> MH> from AVM called "Fritz!Card DSL" which is supposed to be recognized by
> MH> SuSE (which is true) and can be easily configured under SuSE (which is
> MH> false). Has anybody an idea if this card is working under RH8? A friend
> MH> of mine told me that he knows some people using RH8 and this card,
> MH> having no probs. But I didn't find this card in the hardware-support
> MH> list on RH's site which makes me feel unsure about it. 
> This is far from being authoritative, but you may want to browse this
> over...
> http://www.linuxworks.de/HOWTO/FRITZ!Card_DSL-HOWTO.html
> Perhaps it could help.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Brian Ashe                         
> migration dee-web com
> http://www.dee-web.com/linux/
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