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Re: RHEL4 freeze


If this is a Dell PowerEdge box, there is a known issue with the RAID controller that causes the system to completely freeze up under high IO. See Dell's Linux-PowerEdge list archives at http:// lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-poweredge . I've stopped getting the list, but I know that it was discussed back in Feb of this year. As I recall, the fix was to upgrade the firmware on the RAID Controller as well as the BIOS of the server, but please check for more specifics in the archives.


Susan Baur
System Administrator
Center for Distributed Learning

On Dec 13, 2005, at 6:37 PM, Honti Balázs wrote:

Hello! I have a serious problem. Our RHEL 4 system hangs unexpectedly, and before, every time, while copying "big" files over scp to it, that were more than 100MB, or some time when more. I thought the problem is over, when it managed to transfer 7GB, and run for about a week without any problems, but came back, just suddenly, without the copy, or doing anything special then. I watched the logs and the console, but there were no signs of error messages, even the System Request keys don't work, just reboot, what I can do then. The packages are upgraded to the latest version, the machine runs the SMP kernel, PIII, 2 processors. Anyone seen something like this? Or any idea or advice?
It would be very good, to have this server stabilized, soon.
Thanks, in advance, for any help,

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