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RE: RHEL4 freeze (again)

I would try using a RAM testing utility such as Memstat to make sure your physical memory is ok.
I had a similar problem on a few systems and discovered some faulty chips. After replacing them, the problem was gone.
Just a thought 

Mike Reese
Application Hosting Systems Analyst

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Subject: RHEL4 freeze (again)

Hello! We have a serious problem. Our RHEL 4 system hangs unexpectedly, and before, every time, while copying "big" files over scp to it, that were more than 100MB, or some time when more. I thought the problem is over, when it managed to transfer 7GB, and run for about a week without any problems, but came back, just suddenly, without the copy, or doing anything special then. 
I watched the logs and the console, but there were no signs of error messages, even the System Request keys don't work, just reboot, what I can do then. The packages are upgraded to the latest version, the machine runs the SMP kernel, PIII, 2 processors. Anyone seen something like this? Or any idea or advice? We discovered, that if running from IDE drive, no problem! 
Even stress with cpuburn, or make -j on MPlayer sources doesn't mind it then, as the same, running Debian. Adaptec 7899 SCSI chip/i20 driver, it doesn't seem to like. The machine is a rack format NEX 2360A (ATX Dual Socket 370 Celeron/Pentium III AIO Server Board) 

 -Intel DUAL Celeron/Pentium III CPU with 66/100 MHz FSB upto 850 MHz
        -1 GB SDRAM memory support, DIMMx4
        -Intel 440BX AGP set
        -C&T 69000 AGP mode VGA Controller
        -Dual Intel 82559 10/100 Base Ethernet Controller
        -Adaptec 7899 Dual Channel Ultra 160 SCSI controller
        -on board AGP slotx1, ISA slotx1, PCI slotx5
        -Standard ATX form factor.
 -CPU: 2 x PIII 1 GHz
 -2 GB memory
 -33 GB HDD SCSI x3 (RAID5) (ultra3)
 -CD-ROM, FDD, Double power supply
(We've put another RTL-8139 network card in, if it may help, but not

Tried to discuss is with RedHat support, but they had no idea, except to do it on another machine... which is no real solution, our customer gave us this particular one to make it there. :-( 

It would be very good, to have this server stabilized, soon. 

Thanks, in advance, for any help,

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