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Re: introductions

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Art Wildman wrote:
| Hya Guys,
| Art Wildman, 'IT Custodian' for National Weather Service Office JAX...
|  From Coast Guard ET, to a computer tech, broke my magic screwdriver and
| converted to SysAdmin, now an ITO ...early 80's NASA terminals, PCs,
| Macs, late 80's Sun and VAX/VMS. Early 90's Chief ET aboard NOAA ships
| managing DAQ uVAX systems, sidescan Sonar, Radars, Radios, GPS and
| Macs/PCs in support of Hydrography/Bathymetry and marine research. '94
| Began working for NWS & supported more DAQ systems including Doppler
| Radar, Weather Radio, Satellite imagery, Climate, Model Data over a 4800
| baud serial network... which we modernized over the past 10 years to
| HPUX, and now Linux.
| In the good old days @95 we installed the Texas A&M Slackware 1.x &
| managed our first system with tar balls, boot/root floppy disks and much
| pulling of the teeth. When we discovered RedHat 2.x and RPM/Installers,
| we thought they were a godsend. Around '97 I became heavily involved in
| Linux advocacy with the help of some friends at http://Moongroup.com and
| worked hard to establish http://www.JaxLUG.org. Nowadays I get to play
| with 3-head AWIPS linux workstations and even a small cluster running a
| LAPS/WRF <http://laps.fsl.noaa.gov> weather model.
| Interests: Art/graphics, watersports, home repairs, sleep and an
| occasional game of quake3/farcry which may interfere with the latter.

Nice to hear from you Art... it's been a long time!

- --
Chuck Mead <csm redhat com>
Instructor II (and resident Postfix bigot), GLS
Disclaimer: "It's Thursday and my name is Locutus of B0rk!"
Addendum: "Bwahahaha! Fire up the orbital mind-control lasers!"

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