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Hi Folks,

This list has been in existence for a little over a year now, and there really hasn't been
much discussion. I assume that most everyone is more or less a professional sysadmin of some
kind and knows what they are doing, which is great, because that is the sort of croud that I 
wanted to attract.

I'd like to try and spur discussion a little. It would be cool if everyone could do a short intro
and a talk a little about what you do and perhaps mention something you'd like to start a discussion

I'll go first: 

I am a sysadmin for Red Hat. I've been at Red Hat for a little over 6 years now. I started part time
in the end user support group when all we did was boxed set installation support. These days, I work 
primarily on internal projects to support the company and I do a fair ammount of day to day stuff.

My hobbies are twiddling with device drivers and finding new and creative ways to break linux.


Matthew Galgoci

Matthew Galgoci
System Administrator
Red Hat, Inc
919.754.3700 x44155

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