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RE: introductions

    Well, I'll chime in, too.

    I started in "Fortune" (AT&T) Unix one day long ago, then SCO, and
finally to the promised land of Linux.  Been a lot of places, done a lot
of things, but I'm brutally stranded here in a low-tech town.

    I was working in Chicago at Chicago's biggest lumberyard until Mom
had a stroke and a fall.  She's 74, and Dad's been gone for...I think
it's 22 years, now.  They're _just_now_ hearing about Linux here,
now...mostly from me...and I'm a security guard on third shift. 

(Thank you, thank you- no autographs, just throw money...)

    It's been three years since I've had that full-throttle, all-day
stress of problem solving and the rewards of fixing things. It's so
depressing, I don't want to even talk about it.

    But I really love Redhat; I'm nowhere good enough to work for the
company, and just about every kid outta school is better at the new
stuff, but if I can find a way, I'll be using it, not Windows, the rest
of my life.

    I have an idea for a networked Linux-at-Home service where people
turn over their system maintenance over to us for a small price. More on
that, as it develops.

    There's an IBM building here; you'd think I'd find some Linux work
around here, too, but the search goes on.

    A three hour tour....three hour tour.

Brian FahrlÃnder                 Christian, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                                http://www.fahrlander.net 
ICQ: 5119262                                          AIM: WheelDweller

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