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Re: introductions


Sysadmin for Red Hat AS2.1,AS3.0,WS3.0, deployed through and patched with
redhat satellite server, 100+ systems(team of 5). Also admin 30 hp's & sgi's and a couple
Netapp Filers. Started in 1989 on VAX/VMS as a computer operator. In 1996 starting doing Unix (hp-ux) , doing *inx ever since.

Hobbie, playing guitar.


Matthew Galgoci wrote:

Hi Folks,

This list has been in existence for a little over a year now, and there really hasn't been
much discussion. I assume that most everyone is more or less a professional sysadmin of some
kind and knows what they are doing, which is great, because that is the sort of croud that I wanted to attract.

I'd like to try and spur discussion a little. It would be cool if everyone could do a short intro
and a talk a little about what you do and perhaps mention something you'd like to start a discussion

I'll go first:

I am a sysadmin for Red Hat. I've been at Red Hat for a little over 6 years now. I started part time
in the end user support group when all we did was boxed set installation support. These days, I work primarily on internal projects to support the company and I do a fair ammount of day to day stuff.

My hobbies are twiddling with device drivers and finding new and creative ways to break linux.


Matthew Galgoci

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