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RE: introductions


Been doing a lot of consulting for a coupple of years. Mainly web stuff and support. Then I ended up as sysadmin at the biggest museum in Sweden, The Swedish Museum of Natural History. Here I have migrated about 11 VERY adhoc built linux systems (all sorts of verisons) to RHAS 3.0. We also have about 8 windows 2003 system that are under my responsibility :-)
The only *nix education I have on paper is Master ACE on, *gulp*, SCO UnixWare7. There, I said it, and im not proud :-( Why unixWare? Well it seemed ok at the time, then as you all know they went bonkers. Ive never actually worked with a SCO system but I guess it was a pretty good education since it taught me alot about *nix in general...
Im basically self thaught and have been fiddeling with linux since SlackWare 3.4, but am looking to cerify myself on RedHat when I have the time :-)

Hobbies: Operating Systems, Fishing, Beer, Music(manily punk and all sorts of alternative).

Carl Boberg
System & Network Administrator
Swedish Museum of Naturalhistory
Frescativägen 40
104 05 Stockholm
Tel nr: 08-5195 5116
Mobile: 0701-82 4055
E-mail: carl boberg nrm se

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