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Re: LVM and ext3 FS labels not playing nice?

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On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 11:38:00AM -0600, James Puellmann wrote:

> So it seems that using LABEL entries for logical volumes in fstab causes 
> mkinitrd to create a broken img file (though it doesn't error out). 
> Replacing the LABEL entries with /dev/vg##/lvol## and rerunning mkinitrd 
> fixes this problem.

   First, as an alternate solution, I just give my LVs meaningful
names.  /usr would be in /dev/${HOSTNAME}VG/usr, etc.  It's helped my
sanity greatly.
   However, I think you've found a really odd bug.  Looking at
mkinitrd (it's just a shell script), it looks like the problem starts
around line 438:
     438 # check if the root fs is on a logical volume
     439 elif ! echo $rootdev | cut -c1-6 |grep -q "LABEL=" ; then
	 (load LVM modules into initrd)

   A few lines back it gleans $rootdev from fstab.  So, if the first
six characters of the root FS line in fstab are "LABEL=", it doesn't
load the LVM modules.
   It's getting late, and I didn't spend much time testing, but I
think this is it.  Check for yourself, then file a bug with RH.  Feel
free to include any/all of this message when you do.

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