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Re: Create ftp accounts with with a numeric username

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 guy muller orsyp com wrote:

> Hello,
> Do you know how to create ftp accounts with a completely numeric username ?
> My problematic is the following :
> We have customer management software, and the user id are numeric (1342
> for example). For each customer, we create a ftp account so we can
> exchange information. The user name is numeric, we cannot change this.
> The ftp server is currently hosted by a windows server.
> I managed to convince our MIS to switch this server to a Linux server, but
> this issue is blocking us.
> Any idea is welcome.

As far as I know, you won't be able to have an all numeric userid.  This is
because behind that the system will identify the user with their uid which
is an integer and is all numeric.  Now, if the user has userid 1342 but user
4536 has uid 1342 which user is the system looking up?  Is this a uid number
or a userid?

Even prefixing every ID with a letter before it's dumped to the Linux
passwd/shadow files will solve that issue for you.

> Thanks and Regards,
> Guy
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