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Automount options

Dear RedHat users,

I would like to setup my machines so that the automounter can use both
an NIS and a local auto.home file.

Under solaris the following syntax applies:
# Master map for automounter
/net            -hosts          -nosuid,nobrowse
/home           auto_home       -nobrowse
/xfn            -xfn

# Home directory map for automounter

po                      localhost:/var
local                   localhost:/var/local


So,  the auto_home map has both local mounts and also uses the NIS
auto_home (+auto_home).

I have tried various attempts for achieving a similar thing under redhat
but with no success:
I changed the auto.master file to point to a local auto.home file and
tried to used the + syntax to indicate the NIS auto.home file but it did
not work.

Has anyone else successfully achieved what I am trying to do?

Many thanks for any help received.

Liz Beresford.

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