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answer seek by an admin

1) Without using dmesg command and messages and dmesg log file, how
one will find that hot pluggable drive just inserted has been detected
by kernel or not.

2) Are device file corresponding to this drive will be created
automatically? If no which command will create corresponding block
device file in /dev.

3) If these is no way for automatic generation of block device, how
major and minor number of a disk can be figured out so that one can
use mknod device_name b maj_no Minor_no?

4) If this disk is configured and partitioned successfully. One has
copied /boo, / , /var and /usr of running system to this disk on
corresponding directory. What has to be done to write bookable super
block /MBR on this disk so that one can boot from this disk on next

5) without using dmesg and message file, how one can get prior
information that a particular disk is malfunctioning and going to
crash / fail.

Thank in Advance

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