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[rhelv5-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 GA Announcement

Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of 5.2
(kernel-2.6.18-92.el5) for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
family of products including:

  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Advanced Platform for x86,
    AMD64/Intel(r) 64, Itanium Processor Family, System p
    and System z
  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server for x86,
    AMD64/Intel(r) 64, Itanium Processor Family, System p
    and System z
  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop for x86 and


This release includes the following improvements:

* Virtualization Enhancements
  + Large System Support
    - Hypercall interface for NUMA topology discovery
    - Physical CPU support increased to 64 CPU/system
    - Large Memory Support increased to 512 GB/system
    - Network interfaces in para-virtualized guests no
      longer limited to 3
  + Libvirt Enhancements
    - Remote management support
    - Manage virtual machines from single instance of
    - More dynamic management virt-manager capabilities
  + Additional Hardware Support
  + Xen hypervisor rebase to 3.1.2
  + Performance and stability improvements

* Laptop and Desktop Enhancements
  + Rebase of the top Desktop applications:
    - Evolution 2.12.3
    - Firefox 3
    - OpenOffice 2.3.0
    - Thunderbird 2.0
  + Updated graphics drivers
  + Added hotplug docking support for some laptops

* Encryption and Security Enhancements
  + New kernel crypto hardware driver APIs
  + SHA-256 / SHA-512 password encryption support
  + Added RFC4303 compliant auditing support

* Improved Audit and Logging
  + Added rsyslog logging facility

* Tuning and debugging: systemtap
  + Production support
  + New support for unprivileged users
  + Includes reference manuals
  + Post-crash trace data recovery
    (Note: avoid overbroad probe wildcards)

* Networking and IPv6 Enablement
  + Improved IPv6 compliance
  + SNMP IPv6 MIB improvement
    - Limited support to query IPv6 values
  + IKE 2 support via OpenSwan
  + DHCPv6 client and server
  + Added memory accounting in UDP

* Power Management Improvements
  + Added kernel support for Intel's dynamic acceleration
    technology enabling CPUs on the same core to enter
    lower power states when idle
  + Added Virtualization kernel support for Xen CPU
    frequency scaling to reduce power consumption (see the
    Release Notes for list of supported CPUs)
  + Improved laptop suspend and hibernate operation

* Cluster Improvements
  + Resource Event Scripting Language allows complex
    application failover capabilities
  + Plock performance improvement
  + SCSI 3 reservation fencing support for active/active
    and active/passive DM/MPIO (multipathing)

* Kernel Improvements
  + General Features
    - Added NFS client support for servers with 64-bit inode
    - Enabled IPMI panic handling
    - Added HDMI support for AMD/ATI integrated chipsets
    - Updated Infiniband support to OFED v1.3
    - Eliminated erroneous PCI ROM warning messages
    - Added support to offline CPU when realtime process is
    - Added support for ICH10 chipset
  + Architecture Specific Support
    - x86/x86_64
      - Added support of pci=norom boot parameter to disable
        p2p rom window
      - Added pci=bfsort boot option to enable breadth-first
        pci bus scanning rather than the default of
      - Increased boot command line size to 2048 for x86_64
      - Added event based profiling support to AMD Greyhound
    - IA64
      - Added CMCI for hot-plugged processors
      - Removed IA64 stack hard limit of
      - Added zonelist order sysctl/boot option on NUMA
    - PPC64
      - IBM Cell Broadband Engine blade systems
        - Added oprofile support
        - Updated IPMI driver
        - Support for booting with greater than 2GB memory
      - IBM Power6 blade systems
        - Enabled support of FB_RADEON driver
        - Improved watchpoint support in GDB
      - Updated ehea driver to latest upstream
      - Added SPURR (Scaled Processor Utilization of
        Resources Register) support
      - Improved hugepage allocation for no-memory nodes
      - Added SLB shadow buffer support
    - System z (s390x)
      - Added large page support
      - Added HiperSockets MAC layer routing support and IP
        packet support
      - Added z/VM monitor stream state 2 application support
      - Added support for z/VM DIAG 2FC for HYPFS
      - Added AF_IUCV Protocol support on BSD socket interface
      - Added dynamic CHPID reconfiguration support via SCLP
  + New Driver support or Driver Updates
    - Network Driver Updates
      - Added bnx2x driver for Broadcom 10GbE Hardware
      - Added dm9601 driver support for Davicom's ZT6688
      - Updated bnx2, e1000, e1000e, tg3, forcedeth, igb,
        ixgb, cxgb3 driver
      - PCI Express-based devices moved from e1000 to e1000e
      - Added WEXT scan capabilities to wireless extensions API
      - Updated mac80211/iwl4965 infrastructure
      - Updated cfg80211 driver to support mac80211/iwl4965
      - Updated ixgbe driver to support new Intel 10GbE
      - Added r8169 driver support for Realtek 8111c and 8101e
      - Updated bonding, netxen, ioatdma driver
    - Storage Driver Updates
      - Updated iSCSI
        - Added iSNS client: isns-utils
        - Added iSCSI Boot Firmware Table (iBFT) support to
          boot iSCSI root volumes
      - Updated aic94xx, arcmsr, aacraid, cciss, ibmvSCSI
      - Updated ipr driver to add dual SAS RAID controller
      - Updated qla2xxx, lpfc Fibre Channel drivers
        - Includes support for 8 Gb/s adapters
      - Updated qla3xxx, mpt-fusion, stex, megaraid_sas
      - Updated firmwire for Qlogic qla25xx
      - Updated SATA driver and infrastructure
      - Updated cciss driver to add kdump support
      - Added SB800/SB700/SB600 SATA/LAN support
      - Added DRAC4 hotplug support
      - Added uevent and kobject to device mapper
        infrastructure for xDR/GDPs
      - Updated device mapper support
        - New support for active/passive HP MSA family
    - Miscellaneous Driver Updates
      - Added R500/R600 drm driver (X11 deccelerator driver)
      - Added support for Realtek alc888s codec
      - Updated wacom driver

Technology Previews

Technology Preview features are included in Red Hat
Enterprise Linux to provide the features with wide
exposure with the goal of supporting these features in a
future release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Technology
Preview features are not supported under Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5.2 subscription services and may not
be functionally complete.  Red Hat welcomes customer
feedback and suggestions for Technology Previews.
Advisories will be provided for high-severity security
issues in Technology Preview features.

The following Technology Preview features are new or
enhanced in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2.  See the
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 Release Notes for more

  - 32-bit para-virtualized (PV) guests on
    64-bit AMD64/Intel(r) 64 hosts
  - Stability, performance, and memory improvements in
    GFS2 file system
  - AIGLX including X server and updated Mesa package
  - Firewire stack
    + Updated firewire support to latest upstream
  - Limited eCryptFS support
    + Added ecryptfs support to kernel
    + Added authentication in crypto library to kernel
  - iSCSI
    + iSCSI target device (iSCSI server)
    + Added iSNS server: isns-utils
  - radeon_tp
  - Trusted Computing Group (TCG) / Trusted Platform
    Module (TPM) Support
    + Included the TCG stack
    + Included the Trousers TSS stack
    + Added trust computing/trust platform module in kernel
      and tpm-tools
    + Boot-loader support will be considered for inclusion
      in a future release
  - Systemtap utrace support for user space tracing
  - frysk

Accessing the Software

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 is available to existing
Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers via RHN.  The
channels will automatically appear in your account.
Installable binary and source ISO images are available
via Red Hat Network at:


You will be required to log in using a valid RHN account
with active entitlements.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 errata are available at:


Installation-related Known Issues

The following are known installation related issues in the

Bug 435475: RFE: [Performance] For some IA64 hw, yum update
            slower than previous releases
Bug 442780: dhcpv6: inconsistent provides: libdhcp6client.so.1
            vs libdhcp6client-1.0.so.2
Bug 442791: machine locks up during installation on 82Q963/965
Bug 443653: %preun scriptlet failed during upgrade from U1
            (using anaconda)
Bug 444969: /usr/bin/elfspe-register: line 6:
            /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc /register: No such file
            or directory
Bug 445005: mislabeled files (up to 80+) during install
Bug 445591: rhn based upgrade of rhel 5.1 to rhel 5.2 fails
            due to module conflicts

Additional Information

Installation and upgrading best practices can be found


See Power Management improvements in CPU Frequency Power
Governors at:


Additional information is provided below on Documentation,
Bug Reporting, and Mailing Lists.

Enjoy the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 release.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team



Release notes for this release are available on the
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 site at:


The Release Notes are also on your Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 5 installed system in the redhat-release-notes

Bug Reporting

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 customers who have assigned
Technical Account Managers (TAMs) should report all bugs
with this release using your current Issue Tracker

All other users should report bugs using Red Hat's
Bugzilla.  To report and query for bugs in this release,
you need a Bugzilla account with access to the "Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5" product.

To report a bug via Bugzilla:

1. Login to the Bugzilla home page at:


   If you don't have an existing account, simply create
   one at:


2. On the Bugzilla home page, click on
   "Enter a new bug report".

3. Choose Product "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5".

4. Choose Version "5.2".

5. Choose the component against which you wish to report a
   problem, such as kernel, glibc, etc.  If you do not know
   the component or want to file a bug against the general
   product, choose "distribution" as the component.

6. Choose the platform, such as: "All", "x86_64", etc.

7. Provide the information about the problem you're
   reporting by entering information in the appropriate
   fields.  In the Summary field, provide a clear and
   descriptive abstract of the issue.  In the Description
   field, provide the full package versions of any
   components you are experiencing problems using.

8. Check to make sure that all information is accurate and
   click the "Commit" button to submit your problem report.

Mailing Lists

Red Hat has a public mailing list for communication during
this and all future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 programs.

* rhelv5-announce redhat com

    A low-volume, moderated, announcement-only mailing
    list.  Red Hat will use this list to communicate
    one-way information about RHEL 5 programs, such as
    notifications when releases are available or
    solicitations for feedback.  Subscribe at:


* rhelv5-list redhat com

    A public general discussion mailing list for users
    of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 releases.  Subscribe


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