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[rhelv5-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 now available

Red Hat today announced the general availability of the seventh
update to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform with Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5.7.  This release is important for our customers
who wish to remain on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 while gaining some
of the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux  6.

Key highlights of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 include:

* Hardware enablement
  - Support for new hardware delivered in 2011, including Intel, AMD,
    POWER and IBM System z
  - Encompasses processors, chipsets and new drivers for storage,
    networking, and graphics

* Introducing Subscription Manager to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  - Enables improved tracking of subscriptions and usage; first
    introduced in RHEL 6.1

* Virtualization improvements
  - Improved migration convergence speed for KVM
  - Several performance improvements for Xen hypervisor

* SCAP support
  - Support for the Security Content Automation Protocol, including
    a library and set of utilities. Allows security managers to verify
    security configuration and vulnerability status

* Networking and Storage improvements
  - New Features for network bridging and LDAP features for autofs
    to improve centralized management of user filesystems in an
    enterprise environment

* High Availability Fencing
  - Fencing features to improve cluster reliability in Cisco UCS
    systems and VMware environments.

Remember that the important feature of any Red Hat Enterprise Linux
update is that kernel and user application programming interfaces
(APIs) remain unchanged, ensuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
applications do not need to be rebuilt or re-certified.

For more information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, visit


To access the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 release notes, visit


Detailed Technical Notes on the release are available at


If you have any questions about this update please contact your
Red Hat sales representative.



Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

For more information visit:  http://www.redhat.com/rhel/

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