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[rhelv5-list] Problem with samba/win xp after upgrade 3.0.23c - 3.0.25b


we did an upgrade from RHEL 5 to RHEL5.1 including a samba upgrade. Now
lots of users who are logged in to our domain from windows xp do get
messages, that the domain server can't be reached and there shares
aren't mapped. Some users can map the shares if they use the full dns
name of our server; e.g. "server.filmakademie.de" instead of simple

Is there any general issue going on? Or did some options/filesstructures
change? If there are no known prblems, I'll look furthur

Thanks for hints and tips!


Götz Reinicke
IT Koordinator

Tel. +49 7141 969 420
Fax  +49 7141 969 55 420
E-Mail goetz reinicke filmakademie de

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Mathildenstr. 20
71638 Ludwigsburg

Eintragung Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRB 205016
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats:
Dr. Christoph Palmer, MdL, Minister a.D.

Prof. Thomas Schadt

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