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[rhelv5-list] Tale of 2 nic cards

I have an intel S5000Psl motherboard with 2 nic cards. Using the GUI
console, I set one to be IP4 and not IP6 fully configured with gateway, dns,
hostname, etc. I set the other on my LAN (tried with and without a gateway
defined) no dns, etc. I also tried the 2nd as fully configured (not IP6) as
I could. On both nic cards, I select start on boot. The symptoms remain

While the system is up, I can activate both lans and they both work
beautifully. When I reboot, only one activates, the other says inactive. I
can hand activate and life is again good.

The net icon in the upper right corner will only allow one network to be
selected at a time. I'm not sure what's up with that, or why an network
chooser icon is thought to be so needed as to be default placed on the
desktop. (my ignorance showing)

Is there a clean way to have both networks launch on bootup?

Thanks in advance!
Bill Watson
bill magicdigits com

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