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[rhelv5-list] Firewall setup question

Title: Firewall setup question

My server is running as a license server, and I would like to allow a few other machines to access it to obtain licenses.

Typically, they will access the server through port 7241 (which I have left open), but then try to access it through another, picked at random, high numbered port (>10000)

Can I specify a firewall rule to allow machines with specific host names, to allow access to ports 7241, and then within a set time interval to access high numbered ports?  (I would prefer to use host names rather than IP adresses, because these may change from week to week -- if I understand the dynamically allocated adressing).

I looked on the web and found a few tutorials and examples, but my brain would just close of its ports when I tried to read the various tutorials (I guess I am not a sys-admin to the bone).  So, I am looking for an example that would exactly adress my concern.  I would also like to know how to preserve the current set-up, so that if I mess up, I can recover my existing configuration.

Thank you,


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