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Re: [rhelv5-list] RHEL and CentOS

Sharpe, Sam J wrote:

On 4 Dec 2007, at 23:27, John Summerfield wrote:

Ed Greshko wrote:

going to cast nasturtiums.
Not sure why anyone would want to toss about herbs....

Australian English. Find a word that sounds similar, and makes better sense. Not a proper rhyme in this case though.


But I got the gist...

I find it interesting that you don't run RHEL, yet you are one of the highest volume posters on this list. If you look back at the number of threads which you have started (low) compared to the number of threads to which you have replied (high) over the few years I've been a list member, it is obvious that you personally are of net benefit to the RHEL community.

Thanks for your comments. Not all of my contributions are technically useful (this one for example), but I do try to maintain the good humour of the list too, and sometimes challenge people, especially those of the nation that thinks it rules the world:-)

I take that as proof, were it needed, that users of RHEL-rebuilds *do* give back to the RHEL community in a measurable way. I tend to agree that this list might not be the best place to ask "how do I *not* use RHEL", but in the end CentOS, SL, WBEL etc. users are at least staying in the Red Hat community - a "how do I install SuSE" or "this Ubuntu stuff looks great" message would be much much more off-topic.

I'd quibble one point; evidence, not proof.

One of the points the CentOS folk emphasise is that their repos are compatible with RHEL, and that if one needs to extend RHEL in some way (for example, RH discards some packages that build from the src.rpms), it's just a matter of adding the appropriate CentOS repo, there is one just for these.

Some (at least one) of the CentOS developers hangs out on one or more RHEL lists, and contributes sometimes.



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