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Re: [rhelv5-list] RHEL5 and missing files using automount and ssh annoing password queries

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 18:28 +0100, Peter Sobisch wrote:
> Hi folks,
> we are using RHEL in a production environment.
> Up to last month we used RHEL4U3, everything was fine.
> After we did an upgrade to RHEL5.0 we've got a couple of problems.
> At first some words about our environment:
> one server with RHEL5, connected to SAN (FC), this server is our
> fileserver, exporting a couple of nfs shares (incl. home directories),
> we use automount on the client machines, which are also RHEL5.
> Automount and credentials are distributed by nis.
> We use ssh (public key) to start remotely applications on some clients
> without password.
> Well, our Problems are:
> 1) very often some processes on the clients complain about missing
>    files, which are definitively there.
>    If we retry to run the process everything runs well.

This is the first time I've heard this reported but this isn't really
enough information to understand even the source of the problem.

Do you have a bug logged for this?

> So, we hoped to solve this problem by upgrading (at first one box)
> to RHEL5.1, but we cannot, (the missing files problem is still there)
> but we have got an additional problem with RHEL5.1:
> 2) somethimes the ssh command line tool asks for password 
>    than, after pressing Ctrl+C and retry, ssh runs as usual, 
>    without query the password.
>    We have Nagios running here, which is testing several services
>    and after upgrade to RHEL5 we're getting a couple warnings that 
>    our "ssh" service on a RHEL5 box doesn't answer. The next check
>    is good one. Very strange.

What kernel revision are you using?
There is a known problem with kernel shipped with 5.1.
You need to be using revision 53.1.4 or later with RHEL-5.1.


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