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Re: [rhelv5-list] Live migration of Xen domains in a cluster


you might be running into the case where the cluster script in /usr/share/cluster/vm.sh
   is not using the '-l' option for the "xm migrate" command .
   If you edit the above script and change line 382 to add the '-l' flag to
   the "xm migrate" command it will then use live migration .
   Remember to make the change on all nodes in your cluster :)


- Jan

Zavodsky, Daniel (GE Money) wrote:
I am using RHEL 5 update 1 and I am having trouble getting "real" live migration to work in a cluster environment.
    When I do this on member2:
# clusvcadm -M guest1 -m member1 The guest1 is first suspended on member2, its memory copied over to member1 and then started on member1. With several gigabytes of RAM in the guest, this amounts to an outage of more than one minute (on gigabit ethernet), losing network connections etc.. When I do this on member2: # xm migrate guest1 member1 -l The guest1 continues running while its memory is being copied over to member1, there is only a brief pause at the end of the copying process. It looks like as if clusvcadm did migration without the "-l" parameter... Is this behaviour configurable or is this not supported by clusvcadm in RHEL 5 update 1 yet? How do you solve this issue in your cluster?
Thank you very much for any advice.
Best regards,
    Daniel Zavodsky

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