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Re: [rhelv5-list] RHEL 5 --> RHEL 5.1

Brandon Hutchinson wrote:
> Hello,
> From a package perspective, will a system built with RHEL 5 media and
> another with RHEL 5.1 media be identical after they are updated against
> RHN channels? In this case, we're only using the rhel-i386-server-5
> (core server) RHN channel.
> Would this also be the case with previous RHEL releases? For example,
> would RHEL 4 AS and RHEL 4 AS Update 6 produce the same system after the
> packages are fully updated?

In theory, yes. However, if you were to make any changes to any config
files before updating, you might wind up with .rpmnew and .rpmorig, etc.
config files laying about on the updated system, and its possible
something will get set up slightly different by a newer installer vs.
the original installer plus updates (can't think of anything off the top
of my head, but the handling of certain hardware does occasionally
change -- maybe something like NIC ordering on a specific platform).

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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